Charcuterie Brunch



Phoenix Charcuterie Brunch Delivery. Indulge in the art of brunching with our exquisite Brunch Charcuterie collection! Elevate your morning gatherings and events with premium cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and an array of delectable accompaniments. Create your own bespoke brunch experience with our carefully curated selection, perfect for intimate gatherings or lavish celebrations. Explore the best in quality and taste, and make your brunch moments truly unforgettable. Discover the ultimate Brunch Charcuterie at Contessa of Charcuterie, where every bite is a celebration of flavors. Embrace the joy of brunching with our premium offerings that redefine the culinary experience. Elevate your brunch game!

You can order the basic brunch here if you would like to add anything or choose one of the other brunch options please Contact Us

We have many options available!


Cactus Brunch 

Charcuterie Table , Breakfast Pastries, Yogurt Parfait, Quiche, jams and butter. 

45.00 per person

Poolside Brunch

caesar salad organic chicken, farmers market quiche, yogurt parfait, coconut quinoa brûlée, melons and berries, peach caprese salad crispy prosciutto, charcuterie, jams and butter. 

65.00 per person 

Sunshine Brunch 

cheese board charcuterie seasonal grapes, yogurt  granola parfaits  lemon curd  berries, faberge eggs , seasonal melons berries  assorted breakfast pastries, smoked salmon board  cream cheese capers red onion bagels & cream cheese & vegetable cream cheese  

65.00 per person 


4 options – 18.00 per person, 6 options – 22.00 per person 


Regular and Decaf Coffee and juice available 

Full Service Brunch is also available.