Seasonal Charcuterie Delivery


We deliver to most cities within Maricopa County



Our decadent Seasonal Charcuterie Delivery  boards are delivered right to your door here in Phoenix! Each charcuterie board has seasonal flavored cheeses, charcuterie, assorted fruit, nuts, jams, various accompaniments, and crackers on a disposable palm leaf tray.  The difference between our Grazing Board and Our Charcuterie board is the veggies and hummus! This one is amazing!

Lots of guests to feed?  A  Grazing Table drop-off would suit your needs perfectly!

*Please note no two boards are the same we are always using fresh seasonal fruits, veggies, seasonal cheeses.



Extra Large serves 15-20 people, 7 cheeses-5 charcuterie

Large serves  7-12 5 cheeses, 4 charcuterie

Medium serves  4-6 people 4 cheeses, 3 charcuteries

Small serves 2-4, 3 cheeses, 2 charcuterie