Spicy Charcuterie


We deliver to most cities within Maricopa County


Not your average spicy cheese!  Our chef hand selects a variety of soft, medium, and hard spiced cheeses from around the world then pairs them with spicy artisanal cured meats.  These specialty meats and cheeses are accompanied with fresh and dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and honey.  If spicy is your flavor, we have you covered.

*cheese in photo is Leonora a Fuego is coated a rind of this soft-ripened cheese with a layer of smoky Spanish pimentón before it’s aged infusing the cheese with a hint of pepper. A perfect balance of sweetness, spice, and creamy lemon notes!


Size chart

XL 15-18

7 cheeses, 5 meats

L 6-10

5 cheeses, 4 meats

M 4-6

4 cheeses, 3 meats

S 2-4

3 cheeses, 2 meats